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Don’t Let Your Chronic Disease Stop You From Traveling

June 1, 2014

The key to having fun and staying safe, no matter what your chosen destination or activity, is careful up-front planning. Michael Zimring, MD, has some great advice on that front. He is a general internist with a subspecialty in travel medicine at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, MD…

Source: Good Days From CDF

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) and Arterial Skin Ulcers

May 30, 2014

Mercy Medical Center's Dr. Kurtis Kim discusses arterial skin ulcers and peripheral artery disease (PAD). If you have...

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More Marylanders going to the hospital with insurance

May 29, 2014

...rates for everyone. The commission will vote on the revised rate increase at its June 11 meeting. Hospitals in general agreed that reducing the proposed rate increase is warranted. "We support the recommendation," said Jim Reiter, spokesman for the Maryland Hospital Association. "The numbers add up." The move also is supported by some hospitals that have substantial uncompensated care, such as Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. The hospital's CEO, Tom Mullen,...

Source: Baltimore Sun – Online

The Risks of Using a Birthing Center

May 27, 2014

...excellent outcomes at a lower cost than hospital-based care. Concerns for complications at birth centers Since birth centers and deliveries have proliferated in recent years, this is clearly a trend worth watching and understanding. We spoke with Dr. Robert Atlas, chair of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at top-100 hospital Mercy Medical Center to hear his professional take on the birth center movement. "I've seen women come into the hospital — not necessarily...


AHA: Many Women Don't Know Stroke Warning Signs

May 20, 2014

...she had gone to an urgent care center for back pain when the doctor there told her the startling news. "The doctor told me, 'Tell your primary doctor you have almost a complete blocking of your main artery,'" Evans recalled. She wound up visiting Mercy Medical Center vascular surgeon Dr. Paul Lucas. "She ended up having an ultrasound that showed very high narrowing in both carotid systems, which posed a strong risk for her for strokes," Lucas said. Lucas operated...

Source: WBAL-TV – Online

Antioxidant No Help in IPF

May 19, 2014," he told MedPage Today. But that doesn't mean antioxidants are out entirely, since more powerful antioxidants could be effective, he suggested. Even though the drug is disproved now, patients already on it and doing well might not have to stop, Albert J. Polito, MD, chief of pulmonary medicine at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, suggested. "You use your judgment, you treat each patient individually, and you say what are pluses, what are the minuses...

Source: MedPage Today

Anti-aging procedure gets FDA approval

May 5, 2014

...Many people are looking for non-invasive ways to push back the aging process, and a Food and Drug Administration-approved procedure promises to do that by using sound waves aimed beneath the skin. Mercy Medical Center plastic surgeon Dr. Craig A. Vander Kolk demonstrated for 11 News what happens to tissue treated by ultherapy, an FDA-approved non-invasive lifting procedure for the jawline, neck and brow...

Source: WBAL-TV – Online

Miley Cyrus Cancels Another Tour Date After Suffering Health Set Back

April 30, 2014

...hospitalized after suffering a severe allergic medication to antibiotics (Cephalexin) she was taking to help cure a cold with flu-like symptoms. Miley Cyrus Forced to Cancel Tour Dates After Hospitalization But Dr. Michael Zimring , an internist with Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore who has never treated Miley, tells Life & Style that Cephalexin is not an antiobiotic that is usually associated with strong adverse reactions. "I've never seen a serious, prolonged reaction in my...

Source: Life & Style Weekly – Online

Marathon Winner's Battle Back From Broken Hip

April 23, 2014

...except for the shoulder. This makes it vulnerable to injury, and a hip fracture can be devastating to mobility and overall health. Broken hips can occur at any age, says Joseph Ciotola, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon at the Orthopedic Specialty Hospital at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. The most common hip fractures in older Americans are due to falls. In younger people, like Keflezighi, such injuries often begin as stress fractures. “Stress fractures are common in long distance...

Source: NewsMax - Online

Neuroendocrine Tumors - Diagnosis & Treatment Options

April 18, 2014

Mercy Medical Center's Dr. Sandy Kotiah, Director of The Neuroendocrine Tumor Center, discusses diagnosis and treat...

Source: YouTube

Showing 1341-1350 of 1379 Results