Helpful Resources for Ovarian Cancer Patients

Mercy Medical Center - Baltimore

Ovarian cancer is not a list of statistics on a piece of paper. It is a disease that affects us all – moms and their kids, wives and husbands, single women, business executives. We have never stopped believing There is Always Hope.

Our goal is to help you realize your dreams and live them to the fullest. We want to celebrate survivorship with you so that you can celebrate life with those you love. We hope this list of resources helps you in your journey.

Ovarian Cancer Helpful Websites

Ovarian Cancer Community Outreach

Cancer Resources at Mercy

  • Helping Hands: provides wigs and turbans to women going through chemotherapy treatments
  • Genetic Counseling for Cancer: for individuals or families who have a family history of any type of cancer. A genetic counselor develops a comprehensive evaluation of family history, identifies other factors that may increase the risk of developing cancer and provides a preventive health care plan and counseling regarding cancer risks and options for the future.

Eating and Exercise Resources

From Dr. Oz:
The Anti-Ovarian Cancer Diet By William W. Li, MD President, The Angiogenesis Foundation

From Nutrition MD:
Ovarian Cancer: Nutritional Considerations

From WebMD:
Ovarian Cancer Health Center: Starting Chemotherapy: 15 Nutrition Tips

From American Cancer Society:
Lifestyle Changes After Having Ovarian Cancer

Exercise May Help Prevent Ovarian Cancer

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