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Ovarian Remnant Syndrome

Ovarian Remnant Syndrome

Dr. Dwight Im of Mercy Medical Center explains ovarian remnant syndrome including symptoms and treatment such as robotics surgery.

The Institute for Gynecologic Care at Mercy


A busy mother of four and business woman has a hysterectomy, performed by Mercy Dr. Dwight Im using robotic gynecologic surgery.

Drs. Atlas and Im

Robotic Surgery Helps Prevent Miscarriage

Cervical incompetence is a condition that can lead to miscarriage, but doctors said there is a way to cut that risk and help avoid premature births.

The Institute for Gynecologic Care at Mercy - Baltimore, MD

Dwight Im, M.D.

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Dr. Dwight Im is internationally recognized for his skill in gynecologic robotic surgery and serves as Director for The Neil B. Rosenshein, M.D., Institute for Gynecologic Care, The Gynecologic Oncology Center and Mercy's National Institute of Robotic Surgery.

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Mercy’s Dr. Dwight Im First to Use New Robotic Instrument in GYN Surgery

Dwight D. Im, M.D., FACOG, Director of The Gynecologic Oncology Center at Mercy and The National Institute of Robotic Surgery at Mercy in Baltimore, became the first surgeon in the world to successfully perform a minimally-invasive hysterectomy via robotic surgery using the new Single-Site Wristed Needle Driver, developed by Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (ISRG).

The National Institute of Robotic Surgery at Mercy - Baltimore, MD

Chemotherapy Prior to Advanced Ovarian Cancer Surgery

Mercy gynecologic oncologist Dr. Dwight Im discusses the efficacy of treating patients with chemotherapy prior to ovarian cancer surgery.

Dr. Dwight Im Cervical Incompetence

Robotic Surgery for Cervical Incompetence

Mercy surgeon, Dr. Dwight Im, performs robotic surgery to correct cervical incompetence allowing the patient to have a baby.