The Gynecologic Oncology Collaborative

The Gynecologic Oncology Collaborative

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Locations Throughout Maryland

The Gynecologic Oncology Collaborative is a statewide network providing renowned gynecologic cancer care throughout the region. Established more than a decade ago, The Collaborative addresses treatment for ovarian, uterine and cervical cancer at locations throughout Maryland.

The surgeons of The Gynecologic Oncology Collaborative routinely travel across the state of Maryland so women diagnosed with GYN cancer can be treated at a hospital or in a doctor’s office close to where they live and work.

Our Mission

CANCER. Ovarian. Uterine. Cervical. Endometrial. Words we fear; diagnoses we want treated immediately. That’s why finding some of the world’s best doctors skilled in leading edge treatment options—all in a hospital setting close to home—brings comfort, peace and the promise of hope.

The Gynecologic Oncology Collaborative is a network of Gynecologic Oncology Centers throughout Maryland offering women access to top rated gynecologic care in a location that is convenient to them.

Dr. Dwight Im, Medical Director and renowned surgeons Dr. Neil RosensheinDr. Teresa Diaz-Montes and Dr. Hyung Ryu have been tireless in their commitment to find a cure for women’s genital tract cancers. They are recognized experts because of their astute ability to diagnose, detect and surgically address the challenges gynecologic cancer presents. Their goal first and always: To seek the best possible outcome, caring for each woman and her family with compassion, dignity and respect.

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Our Doctors

Among the best in their field, our doctors travel throughout Maryland to provide women with top rated gynecologic care in a location that is convenient.

Dr. Dwight Im - Gynecologic OncologistDr. Dwight Im, Director, is a top rated gynecologic oncology surgeon and leading specialist in robotic surgery, who focuses on the patient’s whole cancer journey – from diagnosis and treatment to recovery and support. Dr. Im is among the most widely recognized gynecologic oncology robotic surgeons and trains doctors from around the world in advanced, precision robotic surgery. 

Dr. Neil Rosenshein - Gynecologic OncologistDr. Neil Rosenshein has devoted his medical career to advancing surgical techniques to treat female tract cancers, including ovarian, cervical, uterine, endometrial, vulvar and vaginal cancers. Women across the region come to Dr. Rosenshein because of his operating room expertise and his tireless devotion to his patients and their families. 

Dr. Teresa Diaz Montes - Gynecologic OncologistDr. Teresa Diaz-Montes, Board Certified in Gynecologic Oncology, provides treatment for a diverse range of gynecologic cancers. Her primary clinical interests include ovarian cancer treatments and minimally invasive gynecologic surgery. She is the lead principal investigator for research studies aimed at improving survival rates for patients with late-stage GYN cancers.


The Gynecologic Oncology Center at Mercy - Baltimore, MDDr. Beman Khulpateea is a Fellowship-trained gynecologic cancer surgeon, offering advanced surgical approaches to remove extensive disease. Together with certified oncology nurses, nurse navigators, genetic counselors and a comprehensive care team, Dr. Khulpateea offers women with a gynecologic cancer diagnosis the promise of hope, compassion and best-in-practice care.

Dr. Hyung Ryu - Gynecologic OncologistDr. Hyung Ryu is a highly skilled surgeon in the treatment of ovarian, cervical and uterine cancers. He has advanced training in robotic, laparoscopic and traditional invasive surgery and customizes his treatment to each patient's needs while helping to restore her hope for the future.

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Our Locations

With many locations throughout Maryland, The Gynecologic Oncology Collaborative provides convenient access for patients in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Washington, D.C.

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Our Treatments

Advanced Surgical Treatments for Gynecologic Cancers 

Gynecologic cancer treatment most often requires surgery. The Gynecologic Oncology Collaborative is proud to offer women some of the most advanced surgical options available including:

How do you know the best surgical option for you? Many factors are evaluated to determine the best treatment plan. Some of the decision points may include a woman’s health history and risk factors, complexity of the diagnosis, the type of cancer and what the patient and her health care team decides is the best and most appropriate option.

Meet Our Doctors: Gynecologic Oncology Center
Ovarian Cancer Institute at Mercy - Baltimore, MD
Teresa Diaz-Montes, M.D.

A 2020 TOP DOC
Dr. Teresa Diaz-Montes is a gynecologic surgeon who provides expertise in gynecologic cancers as well as minimally invasive surgical techniques.

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