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During breast reduction surgery, excess breast skin, fat, and tissue are removed to reduce the size of the breast. The breast is reshaped and contoured in proportion to a patient’s body size. The cosmetic surgeons at Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery at Mercy talk with patients to understand their reasons for requesting a breast reduction and develop a treatment plan to help reduce pain and gain a better self image.

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Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

Women who have overly large breasts can experience pain and discomfort as the weight of the breasts pull on the back, neck and shoulder. They also may have emotional and self-image issues since large breasts can limit physical activity, cause skin irritation under the breasts and cause indentations from bra straps. A breast reduction can reduce pain and helps women feel more confident and comfortable.

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How is a Breast Reduction performed?

There are several approaches that can be used to achieve a breast reduction. Depending on your body shape, the cosmetic surgeon will determine the best approach. During a breast reduction incisions can be made:

  • Around the areola only
  • Around the areola with a vertical incision to the breast crease
  • Around the areola with a vertical incision to the breast crease followed by a horizontal incision across the breast crease

Following the incision, the excess skin, fat and tissue is removed and the breast is reshaped to a natural contour.

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Does insurance cover Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery can be covered by insurance in some cases. Most insurance companies require 400 to 1000 grams of breast tissue to be removed in order for coverage to be authorized. When the amount to be removed is less than that required by insurance, breast reduction surgery essentially becomes cosmetic surgery. Even when a smaller amount of breast tissue is removed, many patients still experience some reduction in pain.

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Scheduling an appointment for Breast Reduction

We are dedicated to helping patients find the best cosmetic procedure options available to help restore and renew their self-image. If you are interested in a cosmetic procedure, our doctors will work with you to help you feel beautiful at any age and any stage of life. Please call 410-332-9700.

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