Women's Health Boutique

Mercy Breast Center

Open: Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm
Phone: 410-332-9859

The Women's Health Boutique provides breast cancer patients with post-mastectomy garments, prosthetics and swimwear.

Owned and operated by Certified Prosthesis Specialist Elisa Lawson, The Boutique is conveniently located in Mercy’s Weinberg Center on the 5th floor. Elisa works closely with the physicians and staff of The Hoffberger Breast Center, accommodating the needs of their pre- and post-surgery patients. Elisa carefully measures and personally fits you for the garments needed.

The Women’s Health Boutique participates with most insurance companies and provides:

  • Breast Forms - personally fitted for your comfort, striving for a natural feel and look
    • Partial—used for lumpectomy surgery and asymmetry due to reconstruction
    • Temporary—a soft form worn during recovery and for leisure wear comfort
    • Traditional Silicone—weighted for balance
    • Custom—casted to create and achieve symmetry with your natural breast
  • Post-mastectomy Bras and Camisoles - The Boutique carries a full range of styles and sizes for post-mastectomy patients. Elisa is constantly looking for new colors and styles on the market. The staff will carefully fit and accommodate your individual needs.
  • Mastectomy Swimwear - The Boutique offers a spirited collection of swimwear and cover-ups designed specifically for women after breast surgery. These suits offer more coverage where you want it most with higher necklines and armhole openings. Empire stitches in the bra pocket keep a breast form securely in place.
  • Mastectomy Sleepwear - The Boutique has a variety of pocketed sleepwear, offering a feminine feel and confident look for post-mastectomy women.
  • Cancer Survivor Wear - The Boutique offers a full array of jewelry, ornaments, and purses that tastefully communicate your commitment to finding a cure for Breast Cancer. 
  • Gift Jewelry - The Boutique offers a great selection of fashion jewelry for you to choose from as gifts for others or as a treat for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I wear a breast form?
Breast forms create a symmetrical appearance as well as offering a weight balance for achieving good posture.

Will my insurance pay for my post-mastectomy needs?
By law, insurance companies must allow you a breast form following surgery.

How soon can I be fitted for a breast form?
When your physician indicates you are completely healed, usually 4-6 weeks after surgery. Other products are available during this healing process to keep you comfortable and looking good.

What can be done after a lumpectomy to achieve balance and symmetry?
Thin layers of silicone, known as shells, can be worn in your bra to create balance and give an even contour.

Can I swim and lead an active lifestyle while wearing a breast form?
Lighter-weight forms are available specifically for swimming and the most active lifestyle.

I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Do I have to come to Baltimore to be fitted?
We have satellite locations. Call our Baltimore number for an appointment. 410-332-9859

The Boutique is open Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm. For more information please call 410-332-9859 or email llawson@mdmercy.com.

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