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The Hoffberger Breast Center at Mercy in Baltimore offers a team of top breast specialists and doctors who strongly encourage breast self-exams and annual mammograms so women are aware of breast changes and can detect potential issues at an early stage.

About the Condition

Women have a natural lumpiness to their breasts. It is recommended that you perform breast self-exams on a regular basis so that you become familiar with the normal lumpiness of your breasts and can differentiate any new breast lumps. Breast lumps are common in women ages 30-50 and can be caused by infections, injuries, non-cancerous growths and cancer.

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Symptoms & Diagnostic Process

Contact a breast specialist or your primary care doctor if a breast lump does not go away during or after your cycle, or if you notice breast lumps after menopause. Not all breast lumps are cancerous. After feeling a breast lump, your doctor may order additional screenings and/or a biopsy to determine if a breast lump is malignant (cancerous) or benign (non-cancerous).

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Treatment Options

Treatment for breast lumps begins with evaluation. If you find a new or unusual breast lump and it does not go away after your period or you are post-menopausal you should contact your doctor or a breast specialist. If a doctor confirms that your breast lump is a concern you will need additional screenings and/or a biopsy. These additional tests will help your doctor determine the underlying cause of the lump so that the appropriate treatment for the breast lump can be pursued.

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Dr. Neil Friedman, Director of The Hoffberger Breast Center is one of the most respected breast cancer surgeons in the Baltimore area. He has focused his career on improving treatment options for women with breast cancer.

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