Chronic Abdominal Pain Diagnosed and Treated by GI Doctors at Mercy

Dr. Richard Desi, Mercy Gastroenterologist

At The Melissa L. Posner Institute for Digestive Health and Liver Disease at Mercy, the team of gastroenterology doctors specializing in digestive diseases works to diagnose and treat causes of abdominal pain. Patients throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan region seek the expertise of Mercy’s doctors for their knowledge and experience in detecting causes of abdominal pain. 

About the Condition

Chronic abdominal pain often is caused by organs in the abdomen or around the abdomen. Many times the exact cause of chronic abdominal pain is hard to find. The severity and location of the pain as well as other symptoms may help determine what is causing the abdominal pain. Generalized pain occurs in half of the abdomen or more; whereas, localized pain is confined to one area of the abdomen. Sudden localized pain that worsens could be serious and should be evaluated. Chronic abdominal pain can sometimes be related to an inflammatory bowel disease.

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Symptoms & Diagnostic Process

Often a symptom of many digestive diseases, chronic abdominal pain is diagnosed by reviewing symptoms and conducting a physical exam. The location, length, and pattern of the abdominal pain are evaluated to help determine the cause of the abdominal pain.

Tests for chronic abdominal pain include:

  • Lab tests
  • X-rays
  • Ultrasound
  • CT scans
  • MRIs
  • Barium swallow tests
  • Endoscopy
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Treatment Options

Chronic abdominal pain can be treated by medications. If the chronic abdominal pain is associated with a particular digestive disease, such as inflammatory bowel disease, the abdominal pain is treated according the treatment options available for those digestive diseases.

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