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The doctors of Medical Oncology and Hematology at Mercy in Baltimore, Maryland are part of a multidisciplinary team of physicians to diagnose and treat a variety of cancers including head and neck cancer.  Mercy’s highly skilled medical oncologists take the time to listen to each patient to understand their concerns providing thorough and compassionate care.   

About the Condition

Head and neck cancer consists of malignant or cancerous tumors of the throat, larynx or voice box, nose, sinuses, mouth and lymph nodes in the neck. Another uncommon head and neck cancer can occur in the salivary glands. Head and neck cancer usually begins in the moist tissues or the squamous cells in the mouth, nose and throat.

What Are The Causes and Risk Factors of Head and Neck Cancer?

The two most common causes of head and neck cancer are the use of alcohol and the use of tobacco (smoking and smokeless or chewing tobacco, also known as “snuff”). Other risk factors for head and neck cancer may include:

  • Human papillomavirus or HPV
  • Eating lots of salted or preserved foods
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Workplace exposure to certain airborne fibers, dust and chemicals
  • Radiation exposure

Types of Head and Neck Cancer:

Like many cancers, head and neck cancers are classified by the region in which the cancer begins. Head and neck cancer is found in various regions of the head and neck including:

  • Oral cavity
  • Pharynx
  • Larynx
  • Sinus and naval cavity
  • Salivary glands
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Symptoms & Diagnostic Process

Common symptoms of head and neck cancer include:

  • Difficulty swallowing
  • A visible lump or sore on the throat that does not heal
  • Chronic sore throat that does not go away
  • Harshness or change of the voice

If you are having symptoms of head and neck cancer, an accurate and early diagnosis is critical. The doctors at Medical Oncology and Hematology at Mercy will evaluate your medical history, with a complete physical exam and may conduct a series of tests based on your symptoms. The tests may include a CT Scan, MRI or ultrasonography to evaluate the extent of the disease. A tissue sample also may be taken. 

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Treatment Options

Mercy’s medical oncologists, along with an expert team of cancer doctors develop individual treatment plan tailored specifically to your diagnosis. Treatment options for head and neck cancer may include:

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