Nephrectomy Used to Treat Kidney Disease at Mercy

The Urology Center at Mercy

The doctors at The Urology Specialists of Maryland at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of various kidney diseases. Our urologists utilize nephrectomy as a procedure to remove a kidney or part of a kidney.

What is Nephrectomy?

A nephrectomy is a surgical procedure to remove a kidney or part of a kidney. It is a procedure used for severe kidney damage caused by kidney cancer, kidney cysts, injury or kidney infection. A nephrectomy is also performed to remove a healthy donor kidney for transplants.

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Types of Nephrectomy procedures

Kidney removal can occur either by traditional surgery procedures or minimally invasive surgery, which can minimize scarring and quicken recovery time for patients. The Urology Specialists of Maryland specialize in robotic assisted minimally invasive surgery for patients who qualify. They work with each patient to determine which method of nephrectomy is best suited for their conditions.

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How is a Nephrectomy performed?

Traditional surgical procedure – Incisions are made through several layers of muscle in the side or front of the abdomen. The connecting blood vessels of the kidney are cut and clamped and the connecting tube (ureter) that removes the urine from the kidney is cut and clamped. Other surrounding tissues may be cut if required. The kidney is removed and the blood vessels and ureter are tied off and the incision is sewn up.

Laparoscopic and robotic surgical procedure – Long, narrow rods and an endoscope are inserted through small incisions in the abdomen. The abdomen is inflated with carbon dioxide so the surgeon has a better view of the organs. The kidney is cut, secured in a bag, and pulled out of the body through an additional incision. Minimally invasive surgeries like this can help patients recover faster, reduce post surgery pain and return home faster. The Urology Specialists of Maryland specialize in robotic assisted minimally invasive surgery for patients who qualify.

Modified laparoscopic surgical procedure – A hand-assisted laparoscopic surgery allows the surgeon to use slightly larger incisions into the patient’s abdomen and place his gloved hand in the cavity to remove the kidney.

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Who should receive a Nephrectomy?

A nephrectomy is reserved for severe kidney damage which can result from disease, injury, kidney cancer, severe infection or birth defects. Our doctors discuss with patients the best methods and procedures when a kidney cannot be saved.

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