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Patients throughout the Baltimore region seek the expertise of The Urology Specialists of Maryland at Mercy Medical Center. Our urology doctors treat a range of conditions that affect a man’s reproductive organs including testicular torsion, testicular cancer and erectile dysfunction.

About the Condition

A man’s testicles are attached by the spermatic cord within the scrotum. This cord brings blood to the scrotum. Testicular Torsion occurs when the testicles rotate and twist the spermatic cord which reduces blood to the testicle. Testicles can twist due to injury, intense activity or from rapid growth during puberty. They can also rotate for no identifiable reason. 

This condition is most common between the ages of 12 and 16, but testicular torsion can occur at any age. Men who experience this condition often have an inherited trait that enables the testicle to rotate randomly in the scrotum. 

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Symptoms & Diagnostic Process

Sudden and severe testicular pain is usually one of the immediate symptoms of twisted testicles. The testicle may become enlarged, tender and swollen as well. Other symptoms include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • A testicle at an unusual angle
  • A testicle that is higher than normal
  • Nausea and vomiting

Our doctors conduct a physical exam of the scrotum, abdomen and groin areas to diagnose the condition. If the physical exam indicates testicular torsion and the pain is severe, lasting for several hours, immediate surgery will occur to save the testicle. If the pain is less severe, we may also do a urine test to check for infection and an ultrasound to check blood flow to the testicle and to rule out other potential medical conditions.

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Treatment Options

Testicular torsion often requires emergency surgery. If surgery occurs within a few hours of the onset of the condition, the testicle can often be saved. If the blood flow has been cut for too long, it may not be possible to save the testicle. This could result in future fertility issues. 

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