Phimosis Diagnosed and Treated by Mercy Urology Doctors in Baltimore

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Patients throughout the Baltimore region seek the expertise of The Urology Specialists of Maryland at Mercy Medical Center. Our team of urology doctors covers a broad range of conditions of men’s reproductive organs including phimosis, Peyronies disease and erectile dysfunction.

About the Condition

For uncircumcised men, phimosis is the failure of the foreskin to retract or fully retract over the penis.  This condition is normal for infant males through early adolescence. However, if it continues into adulthood or develops in adulthood, the condition can become an issue. 

It is a rare condition and causes vary from skin conditions to catheterization to masturbation practices to untreated diabetes. 

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Symptoms & Diagnostic Process

Phimosis is just one condition of men’s overall health. Penis health can be an indication of other underlying health conditions and can lead to problems with sexual partners, stress and emotional disability.  

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Treatment Options

Treatment for phimosis can include several options:

  • Steroid cream application
  • Manual foreskin stretching
  • Circumcision, the complete removal of foreskin
  • Surgery to relieve foreskin tightness
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