Cardiovascular Stress Testing Available in Baltimore

The Heart Center at Mercy

The doctors of The Heart Center at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for various conditions of the heart. Our cardiologists have experience in the use of stress testing for cardiovascular disease.

What is Stress Testing?

Stress testing, sometimes called exercise or treadmill testing, measures blood flow to the heart muscle in physical exertion and at rest. During this test the body will work harder, causing the heart to pump more blood. An EKG and blood pressure monitor will record how the heart is working.

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Types of Stress Testing procedures:
  • Echocardiogram: a hand-held device placed on the chest which uses ultrasound (sound waves) to produce images of the heart’s size, structure and motion
  • Regular stress test: walking on a treadmill or riding on a stationary bicycle
  • Pharmacologic stress test: medication is given that has the same effect on the body that exercise has. It is used when the patient is not able to walk on the treadmill or ride the stationary bike.
  • Nuclear stress test:  uses a trace amount of a radioactive substance and a special scanner to create pictures of the heart at work and between beats.
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How is Stress Testing performed?

Doctors will provide patients special instructions about your diet and any medications you may be taking prior to any stress testing performed at The Heart Center at Mercy. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and athletic or tennis shoes.

In a regular stress test you will spend several minutes on the treadmill or stationary bike. The entire test lasts about one hour.

A nuclear stress test is similar to a regular stress test, but provides images in addition to the EKG and blood pressure readings. A tiny amount of radioactive dye is injected into the blood stream. The special scanner creates pictures showing the passage of blood through the heart. This test takes three to four hours to complete.

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Who should receive Stress Testing?

Stress testing is one of the best tools for diagnosing coronary artery disease. It may also be performed for:

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