Consultative Cardiology Offered at Mercy in Baltimore

The Heart Center at Mercy - Baltimore, MD

The cardiologists at The Heart Center at Mercy offer patients in depth consultative cardiology covering a broad range of heart conditions and cardiovascular diseases.

What is Consultative Cardiology?

Consultative cardiology is the comprehensive analysis of a patient’s heart health. It is the sum of all discussions, evaluations, tests and treatment plans that cardiologists may engage in with patients experiencing heart related conditions or diseases. The goal of consultative cardiology is to make patients aware and knowledgeable of these conditions and together with their doctor, develop best treatment plans.

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How is Consultative Cardiology conducted?

Cardiologists examine and evaluate a patient’s cardiovascular condition and any related diseases. Doctors then work with the individual patient to explain and discuss diagnostic evaluations and together formulate short- and long-term treatment options.

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Who should receive Consultative Cardiology?

Patients experiencing symptoms of cardiovascular and heart disease should receive consultative cardiology from an experienced cardiologist.

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